Assuming: We assume the worst without testing the evidence. “You are angry at me.” Shoulds(Musts/Oughts): Demands that we make of ourselves. “I should have known better.” The Fairy-Tale Fantasy: Demanding the ideal from life, a special type of should. “The world shouldn’t be this way.” All or Nothing Thinking: Seeing everything in black or white. “If I’m not performing than I am a failure.” Overgeneralizing: Deciding that negative experiences describe your life completely, using words like always, never, no one,etc. “I always ruin everything.” Labeling/Mislabeling: Creating a personal negative identity based on prior mistakes. “I’m stupid.” Dwelling on the Negative: Focusing attention on the negative. “How can I feel good today when I was criticized.” Rejecting the Positive: Overlooks the positive aspects of a situation. “It was nothing, anyone can do it.” Unfavorable Comparisons: Magnify your faults and minimize strengths. “Oh, I’m only a house wife, Jane is a rich, brilliant attorney.” Catastrophizing: Expecting the worst to happen. “If you leave me, I am going to die.” Personalizing: Making events personally meaningful to me. “It’s all my fault.” Blaming: Blaming is the opposite of personalizing, blaming other people/situations and not taking responsibility for my part. “She has ruined my life.” Making Feelings Facts: Taking our feelings as proof of the way things really are. “I feel worthless, I must be worthless.”