How to help after trauma happens Consult with your childs pediatrician for any medical assistance. Continue to believe your child and avoid blaming them for what happened. Provide support, nurturance, and validation as needed. Provide clear, simple, and developmentally age appropriate information regarding what happened. We recommend working with a therapist to help with giving information in stages. Provide an open ear to listen to your child and provide support as needed. Validate their feelings and encourage them to express them freely. Crying is normal and okay to do. Reassure the child of their own safety. Provide a consistent, predictable, and structured routine (i.e. chores, bedtime, rules, etc). Explore expectations for behavior for your child. Give choices to your child for a sense of control. Be careful not to question your child about the traumatic event-let the investigators do their part. Take time to do your own self care so you can be strong for your child/family. Contact a therapist for you and your child for professional support during this time.