Basic Self care: Eat regular, nutritious meals Get regular, adequate sleep Practice good sleep hygiene Drink adequate amounts of water Get regular exercise Get medical and dental care when needed Get some regular fun and recreation Take any medications as prescribed Maintain grooming and hygiene Self Soothing Activities: Deep breathing Brain Gym Get a massage Take a bath or a warm shower Rock in a rocking chair Light a fire in the fireplace Take a nap Give yourself a manicure or pedicure Put on some body lotion Listen to music that you like Give yourself a foot massage Listen to a relaxation cd Write or say self affirmations Construct an image of a safe and relaxing place Meditate Drink some herbal tea Spend time outside Grounding exercises Mindfulness eating Yoga Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) Expressive Activities: Talk to someone Do a hobby Write in a journal Write stories/poetry Color, draw, paint, sculpt, knit, make a collage Write a letter to yourself Dance/Sing Use physical activity to express your feelings (e.g. sports, exercise) Take a break from your thoughts/feelings: Thought Stopping Find the positive things going on Read Build/make something Go to the movies Work on a car or other project Wash your vehicle Volunteer Play with your animals Work in the garden Watch tv Gratitude/Victory journal Read an inspiration quote Take a class/participate in activity Play at the recreation center