Postpone and refocus: Breathing: Refocus on calming breathes 1) slowly breathe in through your nose 2) hold for three counts; and exhale through your mouth while counting to six. Repeat two or more times. Practice this when you are not obsessing as well. EFT tappy bear Refocus on something pleasant: ride bike, make friendship bracelet/necklace, jump on trampoline, watch TV, play with pets, count backwards from 100 by 3, sing a song. Determine the percentage of it really happening. (ex. 2% chance of ______happening). Modify obsessions: Modify your thoughts by saying them out loud, writing them, speaking them in a funny voice, or singing them to the tune of your favorite song. Make the symptoms absolutely ridiculous (silly and funny). Practice with imagery: Give yourself 5 minutes to think of or write down all your worries. When unwanted thoughts come up at other times, tell them they will get your full attention during your practice period. Exaggerate your obsessions. Write a story and read it over and over again for 30 minutes.